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Join us on Zoom for a fun dance class, created to improve strength & balance._edited.jpg

Steady & Strong Dance

Steady & Strong is a Hampshire County Council initiative providing Strength & Balance classes to over 65s as part of their Falls Prevention Programme.  Tori was invited to add the dance and creative element to this scheme and successfully runs classes via Zoom.

Participants feel the benefit of evidence based exercises and how this can improve their health, wellbeing and confidence with everyday living.

Tori is the Dance Expert Contributor to Later Life Training for their joint project with Hampshire County Council for Steady & Strong Dance. 

Contact: Tori Caine

What a pleasure it is to be part of Tori's Steady & Strong Class. Tori is not only an extremely good teacher as she explains and demonstrates the routines ,we then follow to fun Music. She is a very personable person and makes one feel Special.

The Exercises have been and are most beneficial for my stability and helped me especially while out walking my dog as have stopped me from falling!

Also we have been taught how to manage if we do fall to cope and then  getting ourselves up. All in all a class most worthwhile to do .

Stephanie Kelsey

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